Picnic Fare

Tri Tip Salad with Bloody Mary Salsa

by Nancy Buchanan on July 9, 2014

 My grill has been working overtime this summer, has yours?  Lately, I’ve been throwing anything and everything on the grill and so I am always trying to come up with new dishes . With three […]

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Hatch Chile Pesto Potatoes

by Nancy Buchanan on July 22, 2013

They’re coming!!!!!!  The date is now circled on my calendar and I am counting down the days.  You see, my “stash” is almost gone… I feel a little (ok, a lot) like Charlie in the […]


Asian Pickled Shrimp

by Nancy Buchanan on July 3, 2013

Food memories are funny…. there are a number of foods that I honestly couldn’t tell you when I first tried them. It isn’t that they weren’t tasty, but for some reason I have no clear […]


Romaine Salad with Blue Cheese Vinaigrette

by Nancy Buchanan on June 17, 2013

Yesterday was the “official” start of the grilling season (ok, maybe nobody else thinks so, but in my book THAT is when it starts!). In my house, that means 3 or 4 nights a week […]


Kopanisti Dip

by Nancy Buchanan on May 28, 2013

Remember me? Yup, I know I’ve been MIA.. I honestly wonder sometimes where the days go.. so if you know, you could send them back, please??? Thanks. But at least  I’ve got some great things lined […]


Sparkling Rosewater Lemonade

by Nancy Buchanan on May 3, 2013

Sometimes I think my refrigerator looks more like the lab of some mad scientist than an actual family refrigerator. There are lots of labeless bottles and jars  sporting homemade sauces, pickles, preserved lemons and liquids […]


Farro Salad with Tangerines and Dried Blueberries

by Nancy Buchanan on February 10, 2013

Welcome to Citruspalooza – my own little celebration of all things citrus! As you know, citrus is a subject that is near and dear to my heart. Given my love affair not only with citrus […]


Mediterranean Quinoa Salad

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by Nancy Buchanan on October 9, 2012

A few months ago you might remember I was invited by Dole Salads to tour the Dole salad fields up in Monterrey, CA. I love these trips not only because I have the opportunity to […]


Grape Olive Oil Cake

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by Nancy Buchanan on September 10, 2012

My baby is back!!!!! Unfortunately ( or not, depending on how you look at it…) I am not talking about my first born but about… “ahem” my laptop. It’s been almost a week and we […]