Sponge Cake with Lemoncello Cream and Strawberries

by Nancy Buchanan on April 16, 2014

I am not really a “dessert” kind of person. Don’t get me wrong, I looove dessert and if I had my way, chocolate would definitely be on my ” I could give everything up but […]


Indian Chickpea Fries with Smoky Date Not Ketchup

by Nancy Buchanan on April 6, 2014

  I have amazingly talented friends – some are photographers, fabulous food writers, bakers, food stylists…. and now product developers! My friend, Erika of In Erika’s Kitchen has recently launched a line of sauces called […]


Pixie Tangerine Mojo

by Nancy Buchanan on April 2, 2014

They’re here!!!! They’re here!!! Pixie Tangerines from Ojai are here!!! These bright, sweet little orbs of tangerine deliciousness have arrived in markets – and they are bigger, sweeter and better than ever this year due […]


Baked Alaska

by Nancy Buchanan on February 10, 2014

There is no question about it… my pants are tighter than they were 4 months ago. Between Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s in Italy and the Superbowl it has been one long food fest here […]

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Mango Coconut Mousse

by Nancy Buchanan on September 2, 2013

Happy Labor Day Weekend! For most of us, Labor Day signals the end of summer – those last few days of sunshine and heat. Except of course, if you live in Southern California where it  […]


Asian Pickled Shrimp

by Nancy Buchanan on July 3, 2013

Food memories are funny…. there are a number of foods that I honestly couldn’t tell you when I first tried them. It isn’t that they weren’t tasty, but for some reason I have no clear […]


Yogurt Cheese Tart with Fresh Berries

by Nancy Buchanan on June 20, 2013

Summer has arrived!!! Backyard barbeques, dinners alfresco, showers and parties… All of which require… the perfect summer dessert. And I have the perfect summer dessert for you – a creamy, luscious Yogurt Cheese Tart with […]


Michelada Marinated Steak Tacos

by Nancy Buchanan on June 14, 2013

Baby, it’s HOT outside! Well, at least it is here in So Cal,  and just in time for Father’s Day, the unofficial start to the summer grilling season! And what better way to show Dad […]


Kopanisti Dip

by Nancy Buchanan on May 28, 2013

Remember me? Yup, I know I’ve been MIA.. I honestly wonder sometimes where the days go.. so if you know, you could send them back, please??? Thanks. But at least  I’ve got some great things lined […]